The 23 Unlucky Players Stuck Overseas

First let me acknowledge how thankful I am for the CBA and promise of a 2011-2012 season! Unfortunately there are twenty three NBA players who can’t say the same thing. These are the few that, in the midst of the failing talks earlier this year, signed overseas contracts without opt-out clauses. In failing to secure an opt-out clause, each of these players faces the painful reality of experiencing this year’s NBA season from their televisions overseas.

After compiling this data from Sports Reference, I put together the list of NBA players not returning for the 2011-2012 season. This chart also indicates the country they are each headed to this year.

This certainly appears to be a random sample of NBA players, but I am going to look at what type of players these guys are. To do that, I am focusing on just the minutes per game for each player.Below is a frequency histogram of the minutes per game each of these players logged in last year’s (2010-2011) season.

The average amount of minutes played per oversea-bound player are 15.36 minutes, with a standard deviation of 7.68 minutes. When I look at the players that have logged far more than 15.36 minutes, I see five players with z-scores of 1. But there is only one player with a z-score of 2 more than the average amount of minutes per game. His name is Wilson Chandler, and I am certain the Denver Nuggets will miss him while he plays abroad in China.


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