The League’s Best Team at Home?

The Heat are off to a strong start with an 8-1 record so far, the best in the entire league. At home, Miami maintains a .502 field goal percentage and is averaging 24.56 assists per game. In both categories they are the league’s top scorers. Yet the far more impressive statistic is the amount of points Miami scores at home. In American Airlines Arena, the Heat have averaged 108.6 points per game, a number that is also the best in the league. So how do the Heat compare at home to the rest of the NBA? I built a histogram using home PPG (points per game) averages fromĀ all teams in the league…

Of all thirty NBA teams included in this histogram, the Miami Heat are in a class of their own. The Heat have somehow managed to score 108.33 points per game at home, a total that is nearly 2.5 (2.453) standard deviations above the league average, 94.553 points per game. What they have done is officially unusual.

The Denver Nuggets offer the closest competition for the league’s top spot with a home average of 104 points per game. And yet the Heat are nearly one entire standard deviation ahead of the Nuggets. For the total points per game at home of all teams in the NBA, the standard deviation is 5.6 points, and the Nuggets trail the Heat by more than 4 points. It’s incredible what Miami has accomplished so far, but it is only the beginning to this year’s shortened season. Here is to hoping the Heat can somehow keep it up!


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